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An Outside General Counsel Who Manages the Confusing and Risky Intersections Between Law, Business and Common Sense

The General Counsel Initiative provides small and midsized companies with the strategic, bottom-line advantages large companies obtain from fulltime, in-house general counsel.
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The Problem.

Large companies typically employ fulltime, in-house general counsel to guide them in real time on a strategic course through the law’s rules and pitfalls.

Smaller companies do not have that luxury, and they lose the benefit of the powerful tools the law provides to manage risk, pursue intelligent growth, and capitalize on opportunities. The results of that disparity are revealed in a company’s profits or losses and, often, its success or failure.

The Solution.

The General Counsel Initiative provides businesses with an on-demand, outside general counsel who, operating within defined budgetary limits, coordinates the multi-disciplinary legal and related services every business needs, and serves as a primary point of contact for pertinent information, practical advice and real-world solutions.

The advantages: smaller companies can, cost effectively, minimize legal issues, make informed decisions, utilize the power of the law to its maximum advantage, and level the playing field they share with larger competitors.

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Meet the GCI Leadership

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The General Counsel Initiative leadership team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in the areas of law most relevant to small and midsize businesses, such as employment law, contract drafting, risk management, litigation and dispute resolution, real estate, commercial transactions, and estate and succession planning.

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One size does not fit all.

Some companies involve us in virtually all aspects of their business; others prefer we serve in a more limited role, often working with their existing counsel. To meet these varying needs, we offer three types of GCI engagements, described below. In each, we use a structured approach that minimizes the inefficiencies of the attorney-client “meter,” and instead focuses on value-based, budgeted fee arrangements. See Costs/Benefits for additional details.

Company General Counsel
In a Company General Counsel engagement, we commit to be your legal eyes and ears, to be there as risks, issues and opportunities emerge, to provide real-time advice that informs solid decision-making, and to provide real-world solutions as, even before, they are needed.
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Specialized General Counsel
A Specialized General Counsel is similar to a Company General Counsel, with one key difference: we limit our focus to one or more assigned areas that are of particular concern or difficulty (for instance, employment law, cybersecurity, contracts, real estate, trade secrets …), often in concert with the company’s existing counsel or other advisors.
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Assessment / Recommendation Counsel
An Assessment/Recommendation Counsel engagement is project based. We analyze an assigned area of concern or risk (for instance, employment agreements, data breaches, contract forms, compliance issues, a business or real estate transaction…), and we provide a recommended course of action, along with a cost estimate, so the company can make an informed decision respecting next steps.
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