Intellectual Property

Trademarks, Copyright, Trade Secret Protection and more.

Intellectual property law is an intricate web of overlapping federal and state statutes intertwined with the common law including: state and federal antitrust laws; state trademark statutes; the federal Lanham Act; state unfair competition statutes: federal and state computer fraud statutes; state contract and employment law pertaining to non-disclosure and non-compete agreements; trade secret laws; and laws recognizing the right of publicity.

Our attorneys can help you protect your valuable proprietary resources or defend you in an alleged infringement or misappropriation action.  Whether it’s trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or intellectual property licensing, we can provide counseling and creative insight on how best to protect your brands, products, innovations and ideas across a broad range of markets and technologies. No matter what industry, business or market you are in, we will help to ensure that you and your intellectual property are properly protected.


A trademark can be anything that you use to identify your products and services with your company, including a company name, product name, service name, logo, tagline, sound, color, or domain names.

How we can help: Our attorneys provide affordable, custom-tailored trademark registration and protection services based on your specific needs and market focused on making your trademark function as a strong brand name free from conflicts with other existing and future trademarks.


A copyright is a bundle of rights that are obtained when an original work of authorship is fixed in a tangible medium such as film, an electronic document, or paper.  Because today’s technology enables duplication and dissemination of materials at lightning speed with the mere click of a button, many copyright holders including artists, writers, musicians and businesses are victimized by intentional and unintentional copyright infringement.

How we can help: We can help you add another level of copyright protection by registering your original works of authorship with the U.S. Copyright Office.  Registering your work creates a public record of your copyright and entitles you to certain benefits reserved for registered copyright holders including: establishing a presumption of validity for the copyright; the ability to recover statutory damages; and the ability to recover attorney’s fees if certain conditions are met.  If you’ve had your work stolen or you’ve been accused of copyright infringement, our attorneys can provide competent, cost-effective copyright advice.


The protection of intellectual property assets is not limited to patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Trade secret is a viable proprietary information protection alternative.  Patent prosecution may take years; patent issuance is not guaranteed, and patent protection lasts for a finite number of years.  Trade secret protection is comparatively inexpensive and may last indefinitely, provided that reasonable safe guards are put in place.

How we can help: We will work with you to minimize the potential for inappropriate disclosure of your trade secrets and to maximize their value to you.  If your trade secret is misappropriated or disclosed we will first take the steps necessary to minimize the harm to your company.  Next, we will explore every possible avenue available to obtain compensation for the theft including: enforcing non-disclosure agreements; filing a claim for unfair competition, and other state and common law remedies.   Alternatively, if you find yourself accused of trade secret misappropriation, our attorneys are capable of defending you against frivolous trade secret misappropriation claims.